Monday, November 1, 2010

Adding Elmah to Ektron

Elmah is a great tool to log unhandled exceptions. It’s main advantage is that it is lightweight – you can easily add it to an existing site (and if you’re using NuGet, it’s even easier). Setup is as per the instructions from the Dot Net Slackers article, however there are a few Ektron specific things to watch out for-

  • System.websServer –> handlers -  Make sure you put the Elmah entry above the wildcard *.axd entries. If you get a 404, try putting this entry just after the <clear /> at the top of the handlers.
  • Securing the log – At this stage I’m just setting allowRemoteAccess to zero (false). I tried changing the path to workarea/elmah.axd to try and limit access to being logged in, but the authorization is happening within Ektron, not at the web server level.


Next things to look at are locking it down to allow secure remote viewing and using the database to store the log. I also want to investigate the inbuilt EkDiagnostics and see if Elmah can compliment it.

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