Thursday, October 28, 2010

Payment Gateway Providers in Ektron

I’ve found the Ektron documentation around Payment Gateways to be somewhat lacking. Below is what I have ascertained about the various options. I’ll update this as more info comes to hand.


Some general notes-


Feature/Option Matrix

  Payflow Authorize.Net SagePay PayFlow Web Site Payments Pro
Username Email Address API Login ID    
Password Password Transaction Key    
Custom 1 VendorId Not used Not used ??
Custom 2 PartnerId Not used Not used ??
Supports subscriptions Yes - Recurring Billing Service Yes - Automated Recurring Billing    
Supports subscriptions in Ektron (AuthorizeRecurringPayment function in Provider code) Yes Yes No No
Based in US US UK/Ireland US
Test gateway available Yes Yes Yes, both Simulator (no account needed) and Test Yes
Test gateway integrated into Ektron No Maybe (This post refers to TestMode in web.config) Maybe ("SimulatorMode" in web.config) ??


Web.Config Values

  Description Data type Example
SagePayVersion     "2.23"
Simulator Mode   Boolean "false"
Description   String "Ekron CMS Order"
TestMode ??    

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