Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Setting a Homepage

The order of precedence for setting the default page (i.e. where does www.example.com point you to?) is-

  1. URL aliasing
  2. Web config - Key ek_DefaultPage
  3. IIS default document

  • You can't use an alias in ek_DefaultPage
  • You can’t use URL parameters with ek_DefaultPage so general Page Layouts are not supported unless you set the default content.
  • You can't setup the homepage via Manual Aliasing - it requires text to be entered into the alias field (though it may only be JS validation… but that’s another story)
  • You CAN use regex aliasing- set Expression to "^$" (minus the quotes, this matches an empty string)
  • Ektron grabs the request before IIS has a chance to resolve it, so the IIS default document setting is useless.

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