Monday, February 28, 2011

Deploying an Ektron site via the PackageSite utility

This process was little known to me. Rokib from Ektron support pointed me towards this.
Basic method-
  1. On your UAT server, run C:\Program Files\Ektron\CMS400v80\Utilities\PackageSite\PackageSite.exe and follow the instructions
    • When asked to provide a folder to store the package, create a new, empty folder. The package is not zipped, its a collection of folders
    • The package contains 3 folders – assetlibrary, content, setup
  2. Zip up your package and upload to your production server
  3. Run the Ektron setup, but don’t setup a site. Just install the Ektron program files.
  4. Unzip the package into the C:\Program Files\Ektron\CMS400v80\StarterSites
  5. Run site setup and you should be able to select your site from the starter site drop down.
Some caveats-
  • The content folder included all the .svn Subversion folders and eSync certificates. So on the plus side it didn’t miss anything.
  • Any thing you’ve added to web.config will be lost. Consider putting it into Application.config, or add it yourself.

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